This website is dedicated to all cider fans who want to know more about Polish craft cider.
We want our site to be a platform for promoting Polish cider and networking.
We hope our passion and love for cider will promote Polish craft cider worldwide. 🙂 

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Let’s start our adventure.


Rita and Leszek (known as Leo) – a marriage tandem: an editor and a photographer.

Our adventure with cider began in 2009 when we first tried cider in the UK. Rita liked ciders flavoured with strawberries, berries, pomegranate – but then we didn’t know that they do not have much in common with a real cider.

The breakthrough came in 2013 when Rita began working as a copywriter for a Polish portal promoting cider. We started to read more about cider (and also tried the local ciders) and finding out more about its production.

It turned out that we are lucky:  we live, by coincidence, in the area of Gloucestershire in the west of England, famous for its cider and a long tradition of an apple crop.

“The history of English cider” book cover

Rita began a research about the English cider and she self-published the first ever Polish book about the English cider and rural heritage of West Countries (2018).

Leszek supports her with photographs. Many of the images on this website are taken by him. Leszek is fascinated by photo reportage, recently tried his hand at a photo studio.

We also cooperate with our friend Danuta Sosnowa who is a talented artist (painter and photographer).