First ever a Polish book about history of English cider

Hi there, you may not know that I wrote a book about cider.  A few years ago I started working for Polish website related to cider. I wrote some reviews of English ciders and reportages about Cider Museum in Hereford and Westons Cider Mill in Much Marcle.

During my work, I collected a lot of books, articles, and photos of English cider. I decided that this information should be shared with Polish readers. Cider is not so popular in Poland (however a huge effort had been made and now more people know what cider is). So I started sorting out information, doing a research and go much deeper. I spent almost 2 years in libraries looking for and checking any information I came across.

One of my friend’s photo for the cover of my book.

So, below you can see the content of my book:


  •  Neolith age and crab apples
  • Romans and apple cultivation
  • Celts
  • Normans and introduction of cider
  • Christianity and monasteries
  • Dissolution of monasteries
  • Black Death and Peasant Revolution
  • Tudor Times (Richard Harris and his garden in Teynham)
  • Thomas Tusser
  • John Tradescant the Elder
  • John Evelyn
  • Samuel Hartlib
  • John Beal
  • John Scudamore and Redstreak apple
  • John Worlidge and ingenio device
  • Sir Kenelm Digby and cider bottle
  • Thomas Andrew Knight
  • Horticultural Society (RHS)
  • Dr Robert Hogg and Herefordshire Pomona
  • Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club
  • travelling cider makers
  • railways and river canals
  • Robert Neville-Grenville  and National Fruit and Cider Institute
  • Long Ashton Research Station (LARS)
  • National Fruit Collection, Brogdale, Kent


Traditions and customs related to apples: wassail, Harvest Festival, Apple Day, Halloween games and some traditions related to saints during the year.


History of cider families: Westons, Bulmers, Thatchers

If you have any comments to the content of the book, please let me know. I self-publish this work. The book is now being edited and I’m going to choose the photos to my book. The next stage will be a cover design and DTP process.

If you like my project, you can donate a small amount to help me to cover the cost of printing. Thank you in advance.

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