Cydr Radosny

Cydr Radosny is a new venture set up by friends Radek Ogar and Mikołaj Wieczorek. After years of trials, learning and taking part in cider competitions, they decided to officially launch their brand.

The new cider – ATAK JABŁUSZEK 2021 is the successor of the cider “Rajskie 2020”, which won the Grand Prix Greater Poland Cider Cup Home a year ago. They are currently working on making the ATAK JABŁUSZEK 2022 available on the market next year. Sounds great. 🙂 On World Cider Day, they announced that the most awarded home cider mill in Poland began the process of registration. Fingers crossed!

By the way, “radosny” means “happy, joyful” 🙂

© Cydr Radosny – Atak Jabłuszek

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