Polish ciders A.D. 2021 – part 2

This is the second part of the Polish cider scene. A lot happened during this year even though we were still struggling from a pandemic and many businesses started to recover slowly.

New cider releases

We had some new fantastic cider made from the Antonovka variety.

Dzika Antonówka by Cydrownia przy Sadzie – light and fizzy, refreshing cider with a hint of lemon. 

Spokojna Antonówka by Cydr Chyliczki – a new – still – version of Antonówka cider.

Cydr Chyliczki also released something new – cider with quince. Japoński Sad cider was created by fermentation on Japanese quince skins and seeds. 

AKMD by Cydr Ignaców – the name of this cider consists of the first letters of the names of apple varieties, however, it didn’t have any official name since it was sold at the event in the orchard before the official launch. Tasting notes: fresh apple, grapefruit peel, seeds and some herbs.

A vineyard Winnica Lorków (Lorek Vineyard) started to sell its ciders – Cydr Ogniowy 2020 and Cydr Niebieski 2020. The origins of the Lorek Vineyard date back to 2005, when a small vineyard was planted at the Koziarnia farm in southern Poland. The owners, Marcin and his son Kuba started producing ciders under the brand Smykan but later decided to create their brand – Cydr Lorków. 

Hybrids, flavoured ciders, brandy and cider from qvevri

Cydru Smykan is one of the cider mills which like to experiment and add fruit to cider. In 2021 they launched Kwaśny Zdzich 2020 with cherry and black currant, Forfiter 2020 with rhubarb and Chmielony Sad 2020 with hops. 

Przemek Iwanek from Cydr Pełnia also decided to play with hops and, together with Przetwórnia Chmielu brewery presented Feniks – a combination of saison beer and frozen apple juice.

Cydr Lorków from Lorek Vineyard is preparing to launch cider matured in Georgian qvevri (!). It is the only Polish cider made by this method. 

Graff is a beer and cider hybrid combining beer wort and apple juice before fermentation. This type of drink was made by Cydr Chyliczki twice – Graff No. 1 and Graff No. 2. You can read a tasting note on the IWSC website:

A gorgeously scrumptious and well-crafted cider with delightful notes of sweet flowers, freshly baked brioche, zesty orange peel, bruised red apple and delectable nuts. Possesses a pleasantly dry finish that lingers blissfully. Wonderful. “

Finally, we had the first cider brandy made by Cydr Ignaców.

It is time for perry 🙂 

Cydr Chyliczki started producing perry from Patten variety. Another perry producer – Cydr Filomelos – launched Hulaj-gruszka and Zagruszka perries made of some English perry pear varieties. 

New restaurant 

Niwa (read “nee-va”) is a new seasonal restaurant run by Kwaśne Jabłko cider mill. 

Their cuisine is based on local products. The core idea is “from the field to table”: you can try local cheeses, lamb, poultry, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and homemade bread.

Cider competitions and events

Cider became more popular in Poland and it was getting noticed in cider competitions, e.g. Greater Poland Cider Cup or by the food magazine Kukbuk. We had two big cider tastings – one in Warsaw, and the other one in Poznan. 

New legislation

Finally, we had a new wine law – the so-called Wine Act which was first introduced in 2011, was adopted by the Polish parliament on December 2, 2021, and would be in force from March 2022. 

The most important thing is a new definition of cider (and also fruit wines) – a topic that aroused much controversy and discussion during public consultations. An important modification is the clear distinction of the category of quality (craft) products – formerly called “branded products”.

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