Polish perry

Perry is not so popular in Poland, however, it has a long history. The drink was known in the 17th century as “gruszecznik”.

The earliest mention of the perry is derived from the dictionary of Grzegorz Knapius Thesaurus polo-latino-graecus, published in Cracow in 1643. We read a brief definition here:

Vinum factitium ex pyris“, which is as follows: “wine made of pears“.

The drink was also mentioned in Piotr Danet’s dictionary in 1743: “In Normandy, the drink made of apples is called cider [jabłecznik in Polish]; and the other made of pears is perry [gruszecznik].

The famous Polish Dictionary of Samuel Bogumił Linde from 1808 mentions a bit of this drink, giving another name “grusznik“.

Nowadays some Polish producers offer perry. Recently we noticed that one company released ice perry – sounds quite interesting and we will write soon more details about this type of drink.

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