Exciting time for Polish ciders!

A lot of buzz is going now in June regarding Polish ciders. We have a very exciting beginning of summer.

First of all, Polish ciders won prizes in International Cider Championship which took place during The Bath and West Show in May. We have four winners with a total of 10 medals. That’s great news.

The winners are:

Cydr Chyliczki

  • Gold medal – Sweet Oak cider (class 20 Acid Dominant Cider)
  • Silver medal – Reneta Anansowa and Jesienny Sad ciders (both class 21 Bottle Conditioned/Fermented Cider), Lodowy ice cider (class 20 Acid Dominant Cider), Lodowa Gruszka ice perry (class 23 Perry)
  • Bronze medal – Szara & Złota Reneta cider (class 21 Bottle Conditioned/Fermented Cider)
© Cydr Chyliczki

You can read more about Cydr Chyliczki here.

Winnica Wieliczka

  • Bronze medal – Bzik cider (class 22 Flavoured Cider)

Kwaśne Jabłko

  • Bronze medal – Beczka nr 17 cider (Class 19 Spanish Style Cider)

Ambra SA

  • Silver medal – Lubelski Lodowy cider (class 20 Acid Dominant Cider)
  • Bronze medal – Lubelski Gruszka (class 23 Perry)

The other great thing is we have new ciders on Polish cider stage:

  • Sicero by Cydr Ignaców cidery – unfiltered, mature cider made of old varieties from 2016 (ABV 7%). Cider Sicero took part in The Wine & Cider tasting in Poznan last weekend and was highly rated by professional sommeliers. You can read more about Cydr Ignaców here.
  • Cydr Pełnia (literary it means Full Moon Cider) by Przemek Iwanek – he made The Old England cider inspired by West Country ciders (6.7% ABV), and he made also a limited edition of Banana Split Cider (banana milkshake flavoured cider – sounds great). Moreover, to celebrate the creation of his brand, he collaborated with Sery Rzemieślnicze – a company which made and sells cheese – to create a cider flavoured cheese called – of course – Full Moon Cider Cheese.
© Cydr Pełnia

Przemek also took part in judging ciders in the first edition of The Homemade Cider Competition “Pomona”. Many home cider makers entered to have their cider being judged by professionals. The results were announced recently on the Facebook page. The best cider makers are Marek Jurgielewicz, Artur Pasieczny and Wacław Krasoń.

In Warsaw during Warsaw Beer Festival in May there were also cider tastings hosted by Przemek.

We are so happy that Polish craft cider stage is very vibrant and promising. Follow our blog for more news. Wassail!

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