The 10th International Hall Of Gala Ciders

At the end of October, we received great news from Spain. Polish cidermakers were awarded at SISGA competition in Gijon (Asturias).

The 10th edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders (in short SISGA in Spanish) took place in Gijon, the Spanish capital of cider, from 22th to 25th October.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many activities had to be cancelled. We couldn’t go to Spain this year, but thanks to the live streaming we could participate virtually in gala ­čÖé You can read about last year event here.

We really miss visits to cidermills, cider bars, and cider tastings. We hope we can go to Spain next year.

About 72 cidermills took part in competition. There were ciders from France, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, United Kingdom and the United States (total 205 different ciders).

Poland received over 20 awards! The winners are:
Cydr Chyliczki, Cydr Smykan, Cydr Tradycyjny z Trzebnicy, Cydr Szczepan├│wka, Cydr Podlaski, Cydr Opoczka, Krzysztof Winnicki, Cydr Czar Czerniejowa, Cydr Sadownika.

The full results are here:

Cogratulations to everyone!

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