The sale of cider in Poland is slowing down

In the first half of 2016 the sale of ciders has levelled out and remained at the same level as a year before.

This is due to a cool early summer and the emergence of competitive products within the beer category, such as „radler” (lemon flavoured beer). In 2015 total sales of these products increased by 17 percent. A slowdown in the cider market, according to the industry, is temporary. A demand for this alcohol will re-occur in the third quarter – according to experts. At the end of 2016 ciders sales will reach the expected level of 15 million litres.

In 2015 the sale of cider increased by almost 50 per cent, to 12 million litres. This year Poles bought more than 7 million litres of them.

For now, the biggest share (up to 50 per cent) in the cider sector belongs to the Group Ambra. Another company, Jantoń, recorded a 27-percent increase in sales and currently have 10 per cent market share of cider. By the end of 2017 they aim to increase it to 20 percent.

Independently made ciders are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. But there are many bureaucratic barriers. Despite an introduction five years ago of simplifications in the law, the cider producers must register a business, get permission from Sanepid (Polish Food Safety and Inspection Service) and impose excise duty before bringing their product to market.

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