Apple Day

Last weekend we went to Gloucester Life Museum to participate in Apple Day – an annual celebration of apples and orchards held in October.


The event took place on Saturday 22nd October. There was a demonstration of techniques used in Gloucestershire such as a horse pushing the traditional cider mill and crushing the apples into a pulp. Also lots of hands-on activities throughout the day and performances from the Lassington Oak Mummers. Our son Tadeusz (known as Ted) liked morris dance very much but he was too shy to join the group of dancers.


In Poland there isn’t a rich tradition of cider making and celebration of apples, however cider was known as “jabłecznik” (apple wine) in medieval ages. The first mention of Polish cider can be found at the recipe book written in 1571.
We don’t celebrate Apple Day in Poland but from year to year local festivals of cider become more popular. They take place usually in the summer or at the beginning of autumn.

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