The most popular types of apples in Poland

Poland is the biggest producer of apples in Europe. In 2014 Polish growers picked over 3 millions tons. On average, about 17 kg per head is eaten during the year. But a decade ago, it was 23 kg!

Poland is a country extremely fertile in apples. The various names and types of apples might make us feel overwhelmed. It is obvious that everyone wants to enjoy the best fruit. Let’s take a look at the most popular (and delicious!) apples in Poland.


Dessert apples varieties are hard, juicy, sweet or sweet wine. The most popular dessert apples are: Delikates, Ligol, Rubin, Jonathan, Gala. Apples included in this group the taste the best when raw, as a snack, added to salads or as a stuffing.

In the second group are eating apples which may be consumed raw or cooked.  The group include Cortlandy, Idaredy. They are most suitable for cakes and meats. They have a sweet and sour note, and an intense sweet flavour.

The third group, cooking apples have a sour taste and, if careless, can easily be overcooked. The most popular varieties are: Antonówka, Reneta. They are suitable for preserves, cakes, mousses, sauces.

You may ask what is the best apple type for cider? We will write a little bit more about it in our next post.

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