The best apples for making a cider

When I was doing research for this post, I realized that we don’t have Polish cider apples. I decided to get in touch with producer and get some information on this matter. In the meantime, I found out that there was one test to investigate which apples are the best for cider.

In 2010 students and scientists of SSGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) carried out a test and wrote a work entitled. “The impact of domestic varieties of apples and selected yeast strains on the quality ciders” (by M. Iwaniuk, A. Victor, M. Wronka, S. Bonin). They tested six domestic varieties of apples and made cider and evaluated a drink for taste and degree of acidity.


Here are the results:

Champion (Polish: Szampion) – sweet, not too acidic with high pH which means that this variety barely fit into this type of classification as a drink.

Idared – very sour and tart in taste, got the highest score in the category of apple flavour in the drink.

Janagold – the most acidic in a whole group.

Gloster – the average level of acidity, an average taste

Cortland (Polish: Kortland) – sweet and sour, excellent as a base for further experiments

Sawa (a variety grown in the Warsaw University of Life Sciences) – apples of this species are sour and very fragrant, cider produced from them is one of the most acidic.

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