St. Andrew’s Day and apples?

Hi there, tomorrow is St. Andrew’s Day. In Poland there is a  superstitious belief that the night before St. Andrew’s Day is a good time for magic. 29/30 November in Poland is the day of mysterious parties with the future telling games called Andrzejki

mysterious apple

St. Andrew’s Day is the time of the changing of the seasons and was looked upon as particularly powerful, presenting the chance of contact between the real and the spiritual worlds. In the past, the celebration was treated very seriously and was intended only for unmarried girls. Searching for a husband was a Polish girl’s most important task and some rituals predict which female in the household will get married next or help to describe the man they will marry.

Many related customs still exist, for example: the pouring of hot lead into water – one usually pours hot wax from a candle through a key hole into cold water. The wax is held up to a light to produce a shadow. The shadow is interpreted and the diviner is supposed to learn information about her future through the shadow.

You may wonder what this has to do with cider or apples? There is one custom related to apples: tossing apple skins. This is a “no boys allowed” game. Girls peel the skins from apples and then toss them over their left shoulders. When examined, the peels often resemble a letter, which indicates the first letter of their future husband’s name.

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