Drinking habits in Poland

Do you think that Poles drink a lot of vodka? Well, we like booze 🙂 but the most popular alcohol drink in Poland is beer.

Nowadays many people think that drunkenness is deeply rooted in our culture. It is true that the tradition of alcohol consumption is old and Poland is associated with the production and drinking alcohol.

Why do we drink too much? This can be explained by rising incomes of Poles and the availability of alcohol. In 2013 for the average salary you could buy 179 bottles of vodka, a decade ago only 107. In Poland a single point of sale of alcohol falls to 266 people which is the highest score in Europe.

10.3 liters of pure alcohol drinks every year the average Pole – we learn from the study “Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use: Economics and Public Health Policy” drawn up by the OECD in 34 member states of the organization. In Europe there are at least a few nations that drink more. Despite this the OECD puts Poland at risk when it comes to the upward trend of the consumption of liquor.

84% of Polish men drink alcohol. Most drinkers are young people (89%). They drink beer (57.9% of whole consumption of alcohol); in second place there are spirits (34.0%), and the wines and meads are only 8%.

In 2015 Poles only drank 10 million liters of cider which gives 0.3 liters per head 🙁

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