Cydr Dobroński – review

We are delighted. This is our NUMBER ONE Polish cider so far. It is also first cider with cinnamon we have ever tried.

This is a very good commercial cider: clear and very refreshing with a hint of cinnamon. You can drink it chilled or warmed (with cloves or ginger). It tastes like aromatic home made apple pie (or like Polish vodka Żubrówka known as  Bison Grass Vodka). It is slightly fizzy.

We strongly recommend this cider. We cannot wait to drink it again.

Type: commercial cider, sparkling

Sold: in bottles of 0,275 ml or 0,750 ml

Alcohol content: 4,5%

Let’s say goodbye to winter and drink Cydr Dobronski with cinnamon (also known as “Winter Cider”).

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