Cydrownia przy Sadzie – a new cider is born

Today we have a guest post written by Iwona Rybacka, the owner of cidery Cydrownia przy Sadzie. The place was opened in May and now Iwona is promoting her cider – Cydr Aksamitny.

The opening of my cidery was an event which on the one hand closed one stage –  the creation of this place, and on the other, it is a beginning of something new – opening to the world. It took place on the 4th of May. I booked this the date because I love to look at the blooming apple trees and it was my dream to welcome relatives and friends in the orchard. Unfortunately, this year the blossom time began earlier and on the fourth of May it was actually over … I also planned a beautiful party outside, in the sunny and warm weather … it didn’t work out, it was a windy and rainy day, only 10 degrees. So my plans had to change.

The event took place in the huge lobby, the so-called connector, between the storage chambers where normally stand pallets of apples … Among the scattered straw sheaves, put up pallets as tables, the main role played cider Cydr Aksamitny, nicely chilled.

Przemek Ignaszewski a culinary blogger known as Vegenerat Biegowy, in front of the guests was preparing a mouthwatering risotto from asparagus and cider, there were also craft cheeses from the Adamczyk Farm, home-made bread and the best in the world apple pie made by my mother-in-law.

There was also a mini-recital of the “godmother” of the cider, Agata Płoszańska with the accompaniment of Mr Zbyszek Poliszuk, and string quartet of talented young people. My daughter Kalina played the ukulele and sang. There was also a surprise song prepared by my mom. She created the lyrics, taught them my family, and then we all sang the song. It was really great fun. I thanked my guests Despite the unfavourable weather conditions, the atmosphere was very warm and welcome. So many wonderful and happy people in one place. The energy, the joy, bliss and love hovered in the air together like cider bubbles.

There was even an idea to permanently introduce such an event to the calendar and repeat it every time year. We’ll see what life will bring…

First guests arrived
Cider is ready 🙂
Rissoto with cider almost ready 🙂
Cider tasting has begun
Iwona Rybacka, the cidermaker, on the stage

All photos by courtesy of Sławomir Krajewski, Fotosart.

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