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“Pomona” is the only Polish competition for amateur cider makers. Since its first edition in 2015, the interest in high-quality cider is growing year by year.

Craft cider making is getting popular all around the world. This enthusiastic attitude towards real ciders can be seen in Poland too. We are the largest producer of apples in Europe, and we are aware of the enormous potential of cider. Many cider aficionados start their adventure with cider made at home. Fermenting apple juice seems to be easy. Anyone can do it, however, it takes a lot of skills and knowledge to make excellent craft cider. 

The competition is run in the spring – the organizers want to encourage participants to take a traditional approach: to make cider in the autumn after the harvest and to drink it in the spring of the following year. 

The rules and the judges

In this year’s edition, six judges blind-tasted almost 50 ciders. (All ciders had a code with randomly generated digits). The judges are experienced specialists who know the art of craft cider making. 

The first stage was eliminations. The jury selected the best ciders from two categories: dry cider and flavoured cider (only natural additions such as fruits, herbs, flowers were allowed). The selection was very strict and only a few of the ciders went to the final. 

In the final, the jury had to select the three best ciders from each category. The judges were divided into two groups and they swapped their categories to assess the other ciders – this made the judging more impartial. 

Each final sample was weighed and the judges compiled a note with aroma, taste, mouthfeel and overall impression. Each participant of the competition will receive written feedback from the judges. 

Results May 2021

So here are the winners:

Dry cider

1. Jarosław Reczek – 45 points

2. Radosny Cider Radek Ogar and Mikołaj Wieczorek – 42 points

3. Cydrownia Apteczna – 39 points

4. Dawid Bobryk – 32 points

5. Kwaśny Krystek Krystian Kwiatkowski – 26 points

Flavoured Cider (with natural additives)

1. Maciej Zawada – 45 points (cider with black currant)

2. WOJTICZ Wojciech Lokś – 42 points (cider with juniper)

3. M24 Adam Kamiński, Kamila Sawicka – 40 points (cider with rhubarb) 

4. Hop Workshop – 38 points

5. Michał Gnatowski – 36 points

6. Marek Mieraelak – 34 points

7. Mr. Cider from Starowsia Albert Rzepniewski – 33 points

(maximum score was 50)

The first three winners received prizes, such as vouchers to buy cider equipment, tree seedlings of cider apple varieties, an apple pressing service or a case of ciders. 

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