Greater Poland Cider Cup – official results

Greater Poland 2021 is one of the biggest competitions in Poland addressed to both professionals and hobbyists in beer brewing and cider production from around the world. The contest is organized by Poznań Beer Expo inaugurated in 2013.

The aim of the Greater Poland Cider Cup is to select and promote the best ciders made by professionals in Poland and abroad. The evaluation criteria are taste, aroma, appearance, style compliance and the overall impression of the cider. The competition is addressed to professional cider mills. Cider makers could submit their products to 4 categories, and the jury decides which of them deserve to be called the winner.

So, here are the winners:

Dry, still cider

Eko Sad by Cydr Chyliczki

Dry, sparkling cider

  1. Cydr Dzika Antonówka by Cydrownia Przy Sadzie
  2. Smykan 2019 by Cydr Smykan
  3. Kronselka by Cydr Chyliczki

Ice cider

  1. Lodowa Beczka by Cydr Chyliczki
  2. Lodowy by Cydr Chyliczki
  3. Dzika Lodowa Gruszka by Cydr Chyliczki (ice perry)

Flavoured cider

  1. Chmielony Sad 2019 by Cydr Smykan (hopped cider)
  2. Kwaśny Zdzichu 2020 by Cydr Smykan (cider with currant)
  3. Antoni Wisienka 2020 by Cydr Smykan (cider with cherries)

As you can see, Cydr Chyliczki and Cydr Smykan are the best in categories ice cider and flavoured cider. It looks like that no one can beat them!

Greater Poland Cider Cup Home – results

The other competition, Greater Poland Cider Cup Home, was for amateurs and hobbyists from Poland and abroad. The jury selected the best ciders made at home in 3 categories. The best cider will be produced by Slow Flow Group, the producer of the Smykan cider and will be put on sale on the Polish market signed with the name of the recipe’s author!

The winners are:

Dry, still cider

Oaza Spokoju 2020 by Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny

#13 by Jakub Ejsmont – Cydr Północy

Dry, sparkling cider

  1. Rajskie 2020
  2. Antonówka 2020
  3. Debiut 2020

All (!!!) made by Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny

Flavoured cider

  1. Chmielony z gujawą 2019 (hop and guava cider)
  2. Cydr Radosny z kwiatem czarnego bzu 2019 (cider with black elderberry)
  3. Cydr Elderflower 2019 (cider with elderflower)

Agan, all made by Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny.


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